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Ibiza is committed to clean and sustainable nautical tourism

7 March, 2022

The nautical sector in Ibiza is greatly improving its environmental management of marinas, and has established for itself high quality standards, which include proper separation and treatment of waste. It has now set out to sensitise its users with the goal of raising awareness among them so that they commit to more sustainable navigation.

Thus, these facilities have worked hard recently to reduce sewage, oil and bilge discharges into the sea from boats used by nautical tourists. Good practices have been agreed upon, the sector’s problems have been analysed and future actions have been designed aimed at delving into the optimal management of waste disposal carried out by this industry.

It is worth pointing out that each marina and sports port has its own sustainability actions and policies. Every year they implement new measures and facilities aimed at caring for the environment and the marine environment. The most important challenge for the four Ibizan nautical facilities is that their users use their bilge, greywater and sewage emptying services, which are also offered free of charge.

Recreational sailing is an economic activity that provides added value to the Ibiza tourism sector and the island's marinas and yacht clubs believe that they should be associated with values such as respect for the integrity and conservation of the marine environment.