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STN: a permanent link between Turespaña and British travel agents

2 March, 2022

British tourists have a strong emotional bond with Spain. They visit the country over and again, enjoying its natural beauty, agreeable climate, welcoming people, excellent tourist offer, and a freedom and safety found in few other places in the world. And it’s not too far from home either.

This is largely thanks to the efforts of British travel agents. These agents know and value the destination and, of course, recommend it too. Turespaña now wants to take a step forward in terms of promoting and publicising the Spanish tourism market. To do so, it’s created a permanent link with this group.

The fruit of these efforts is ‘Spain Travel News (STN)’, an online resource designed to provide a continuous flow of news about destinations, offerings and the latest developments in tourism in Spain. All of this is aimed at and designed specifically for British travel agents.

These are professionals who “have had to cope with unprecedented times while managing the restrictions of the pandemic, and to whom we want send a message of hope, so that they know that Spain is there, ready and waiting to welcome international visitors”, said the director of the Spanish Tourism Office in London, Manuel Butler.

In the return to normality, STN is being set up as a “tool for maintaining close ties with British travel agents”. These professionals will receive a weekly newsletter providing more and better-quality information about the destination and its unique offering. This, of course, will also make it easier for them to make recommendations to their customers.

Sustainability is a top priority for British tourists today. Aware of this, STN will place a strong emphasis on reporting developments involving environmental and social improvements and include them in the news published across STN’s four areas of interest: Destinations, Accommodation, Activities and Connectivity.

Turespaña’s Spanish Tourism Office in London is delighted to continue building on its already strong relationship with British tourism professionals. And it hopes that this adventure, which is only just beginning, will help our industry move forward, and forever onwards.

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