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Balearic Islands set to become the first circular tourist destination

2 March, 2022

The Balearic Islands are set to become the world's first circular tourist destination and plan to enhance sustainability and safety in the area in the process. For the island authorities, the road to sustainable development in the archipelago while preserving tourist activity is already well on its way, and the dream will become a reality in the next few years.

In fact, a new Tourism Law with sustainability and energy transition at the forefront is currently being drafted in the Balearic Islands. The aim is to ensure the tourist offer and management of many millions of visitors a year is carried out with the greatest possible respect for the local surroundings, the environment, and with a long-term vision. Because, ultimately, tourists want to spend their holidays in paradise.

The first step on the road to a circular tourist economy is for the island authorities to diagnose the situation. They plan to do so by measuring energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation; and by enacting changes, such as banning diesel boilers in hotel facilities and requiring the traceability of local food products.

But there’s still more that can be done. And among the proposals is to promote quality tourism that showcases all that the islands have to offer – starting with the beaches, of course, as well as the high-quality hotels and facilities, but also their history, culture, gastronomy, landscapes and nature. Because you value what you know, and you don't have to live in a place to love it.