17.04.2024 | 12:07

Madrid has a new virtual tour guide and information service

16 March, 2022

In 2022, Madrid will launch a pioneering service to show future visitors everything they'll be able to enjoy during their next stay in the capital. The new tool offers a 360º virtual experience, with the novelty that the service is provided live by a tourist guide who will 'accompany' the visitor on their virtual tour of Madrid.

This unique service will make it easier for visitors to organise their trip and encourage them to choose Madrid. The virtual experience is free of charge and offers potential travellers the option of taking a first look at several of the capital's museums, parks and gardens, places of worship, emblematic monuments and cultural centres.

It’s an on-demand service that takes place over a video call between the visitor and tourist guide, and will also give users access to additional real-time information about plans and recommendations according to their tastes and interests. Organising a trip to the city has never been easier.

The service – which must be booked online – is active 365 days a year from 10:00 to 18:30 and is available in two languages: Spanish and English. Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes.