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7 sustainable tourism trends making a mark on Spain in 2022

16 March, 2022

Sustainability is helping to redefine tourism, bringing with it a range of different travel trends worth discovering.

  1. Regenerative tourism: Aiming to leave a place in better condition than you found it: beach cleans, planting trees, or committing to buying only local products. It involves giving something back to the destination you're visiting.
  2. Slow tourism: This involves travelling less frequently but over a longer period of time, at a slow pace, which helps tourists have a deep, authentic and cultural experience.
  3. Train-bragging (tagskryt): This has the central aim of minimising your carbon footprint, with trains recognised as the least polluting means of motorised transport.
  4. Community-based tourism: With this trend, local communities invite tourists into their homes, allowing them to learn about their local habitats and wildlife, as well as celebrating and respecting traditional cultures, rituals and wisdom. It allows travellers to establish a close connection with the place they are visiting.
  5. Agritourism: This is when agriculture and tourism come together to offer an educational experience: visiting a farm, a cookery class... Sometimes this is an essential means of livelihood for small farms.
  6. Philantourism: This is a form of volunteer tourism that consists of choosing a destination in need of tourism, such as supporting places that have been affected by a natural disaster.
  7. Eco-accommodation: An environmentally friendly accommodation, which is strongly committed to minimising its impact on the environment.