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Spanish rural accommodation, a good choice for Easter Week

30 March, 2022

Easter Week serves as a preamble to the high tourist season every year. At this special time in history, more secluded places where you can relax and breathe in the fresh air are the most popular choices for many people. This is why Spain's rural accommodation is doing so well.

Occupancy in this sector has already reached 60%, which is six percent higher than last year's figures, and is still expected to improve as the holiday period approaches, and last-minute bookings continue. The regions with the highest demand are Navarre, Extremadura and La Rioja.

The main reasons why visitors prefer rural tourism at Easter are so that they can be in contact with nature and can do outdoor activities. The other two most relevant reasons are, without a doubt, the opportunity to visit cultural or heritage sites and to taste the rich gastronomy of the destination.