12.07.2024 | 22:35

Renfe improves train connections between Madrid and Granada

30 March, 2022

From 4 April Renfe will reinstate the third Ave (high-speed train) service between Granada and Madrid by incorporating afternoon trains, departing from the Atocha station in Madrid at 7.10pm and from Granada at 7.25pm. Both trains will run daily, just like the current ones, thus restoring the three direct Ave trains per day in each direction between the two cities.

Travellers can now buy tickets and consult all the service information on the official Renfe website and app, by phone, or at ticket offices and agencies. With the commissioning of these trains, the Ave service offered in Granada will be 100% restored to what it was pre-pandemic.

The re-establishment of these daily services will replace the trains that ran on Fridays from Madrid and Sundays from Granada at weekends, which had been put in place since last June as weekend reinforcements. Therefore, the new service between the two cities will increase to 42 trains a week, with a total of 14,000 seats.