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The guests at Melià will have the chance of enjoying their own audio-visual

13 April, 2022

The chain Melià Hotels International considers rooms as an environment in which all the elements can be customised considering the guest’s likes, thus including the TV content they can enjoy during their stay. For that reason, the company has been applying interactive solutions which allow guests to decide what to see and when to do it.

More than 3,500 rooms and 20 establishments already offer the option of enjoying their own content when travelling. The rise of streaming content has favoured that some solutions which, until recently, could only be enjoyed at home, such as those based on Google Chromecast technology, are adapted to a hotel environment.

On the other side, security and privacy are part of the guest’s stay at these Melià establishments through Amazon Web Services security protocols and the automatic deletion of their data once check-out has been carried out.

Being conscious of the importance of offering their guests those technological conveniences which they enjoy daily, the chain has put faith in the implementation of those interactive solutions in its different brands and locations, which started being introduced in 2018.