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Spanish rural tourism creates its own sustainability seal

13 April, 2022

The charming accommodation Rusticae Club gets behind sustainability in 2022 in all its spheres (social, economic, environmental…) by launching a responsible Tourism campaign which will involve all the establishments belonging to its network.

Within this strategy in favour of sustainability, Rusticae has created its own Responsible Tourism seal, for which 11 sustainability criteria, which must be fulfilled by all the establishments which are members of the club, have been defined. According to Isabel Llorens, founder of Rusticae, “with this initiative we want to become a speaker to foster a responsible way of travelling”.

She added that “our lodgings are pure truth, small, respectful, defenders of their environment, ambassadors of their territory.” For this reason, “we think that, if our lodgings and travellers take small steps forward in their way of travelling, we will be able to keep what’s ours”, she specified.

11 sustainability criteria

  1. Involving guests in sustainability practices
  2. Responsible cosmetics
  3. Support to Social Causes
  4. Promotion of local trade
  5. Use of ecological products
  6. Supporting biodiversity and habitat preservation
  7. Electrical cars charging points
  8. Waste Recycling and/or Plastic Free Policy
  9. Responsible water use
  10. Use of renewable energies
  11. Energetic efficiency