23.05.2024 | 14:00

Air Nostrum makes an important advance in its decarbonisation process

13 April, 2022

The regional aviation company Air Nostrum, one of the largest European airlines of its kind, has signed an agreement with the hydrocarbon company Cepsa to give an impulse to the decarbonisation of air transport through research and production of new sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

These fuels, which allow the reduction of aviation emissions up to 80% with respect to conventional kerosene, will be produced from circular raw materials which do not rival food, such as used cooking oils, non-nutritional animal waste or biodegradable waste coming from different industries.

Likewise, the alliance also considers the development of new energy alternatives, such as renewable hydrogen and electrification, for Air Nostrum land fleets: supply vehicles, luggage loading and unloading operations, or planes maintenance, among others.

After signing the agreement, the Chairman of the air company, Carlos Bertomeu, has highlighted: “Since long ago we have been doing what is in our hands to reduce the carbon footprint; then, is not a coincidence that Air Nostrum was the first Spanish air company to obtain the demanding environmental certification ISO14001”.