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Mogán improves as a destination thanks to the boost from Gran Canaria

20 April, 2022

The municipality of Mogán, in the South of Gran Canaria, is trying to improve its tourist offer and thus, in the last months, four interventions in its tourist infrastructure have been developed, being entirely financed by Turismo de Gran Canaria, with a total expenditure of 812,000 €.

“It is really important for us that tourists find an improved destination when coming back to Gran Canaria after the halt provoked by the pandemic”, explained the Minister of the Tourism Department, Carlos Álamo, who also highlighted the contribution of these projects to give an impulse to job opportunities in the area.

“From Turismo de Gran Canaria we have multiplied by four the investment and financing efforts towards municipalities, especially in refurbishing and embellishment, meaning an expenditure in works in Mogán of a total amount of 2.5€ during this term in office”, the Minister of the Inter-Island Council of Canary Islands (Cabildo de Gran Canaria) added.

Mogán’s mayoress, Onalia Bueno, emphasised that the said interventions have been finished and are being used. “These investments contribute to the improvement of the tourist infrastructure in Mogán”, She highlights the creation of a park for children in Altos de Puerto Rico, next to Europa Shopping Centre, “where there were no leisure and recreation areas for children and for adults’ exercising”.