23.05.2024 | 13:23

A hotel inspired by Sagnier, key architect of modernist Barcelona

20 April, 2022

In a city like Barcelona, the opening of a new hotel is not big news, even if always welcome. Unless, of course, we’re talking about a unique establishment that offers something different. And that’s exactly what Casa Sagnier is, which has recently opened its doors in the Rambla de Catalunya.

The boutique hotel has 51 rooms and is located in a building constructed in 1892 and refurbished in 2021. It was home and study to Enric Sagnier, one of the most important architects of the Modernist era, who created more than 300 buildings in Barcelona, all of which are listed nowadays. His name joins Gaudi’s, Puig i Catafalco’s, and Domenech i Montaner’s.

His eclectic style, marked by a certain classical tendency ̶ he was strongly inspired by medieval architecture ̶ can be seen in the rooms and common areas of the new hotel that bears his name. The result is a grand establishment perfect for guests looking for comfortable, welcoming, and stylish hotel.