23.05.2024 | 13:30

100 electrical car charging points at Melià Hotels in Spain

20 April, 2022

The hotel chain Melià Hotels International has taken a new step towards sustainability by installing more than 100 charging points for electrical vehicles accross its Spanish establishments. At the end of March, the hotel chain giant signed an agreement with Wenea to launch the initiative.

During this first stage, terminals will be installed in 50 of the company’s hotels located in Madrid, Barcelona, Balearic Islands and Seville. The charging points will be available for any electrical vehicle driver, who will have to download the Wenea app on their mobile phone to receive all the information about the charging points.

The new facilities are already being implemented. They will have chargers accessible for all the electrical cars models, and with 7.4kw, 22kw and 50kw powers and up, allowing drivers to charge a car in only one hour.

According to Melià, the objective of this strategy is to encourage a more sustainable transport and an electrical vehicle-based tourism as an alternative to vehicles driven by fossil fuels, thus reducing transport-related greenhouse gas emissions.