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Gran Canaria promotes its folklore among the international tourists

20 April, 2022

Gran Canaria Council is set to support the celebration of the Villa de Ingenio International Folklore Festival 2022 “Peoples Solidary Exhibition”, with the aim of promoting a regional interest event and the folklore and culture of the Canary Islands among the tourists who visit the island, and that at the same time serve as a promotion tool of the tourist destination at different international fairs and events.

For the Inter-Island Council of Canary Islands it is important that this festival keeps on growing and that it achieves a greater international projection, “as it is an important sample of the universal, charitable and welcoming character of people like us, who are happy to welcome everyone and their different cultures to our land from respect and hospitality, which can be seen in the real cultural melting pot of the festival”, Carlos Álamo, Minister for the Tourism Department, has pointed out.

The festival will be advertised among the tourists as a way of “giving value to and increasing interest in the folklore from the Canary Islands among the people who visit us, and that it becomes an important promotion tool for the island, something valuable as both folklore and craftwork provide the memories it generates on our tourists with an emotional and differentiating ingredient”, he has specified.

The festival programme will take place over three weeks and, alongside cultural shows, it will also offer talks and conferences.

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