25.02.2024 | 10:17

The MSC Seaside cruise will dock at the Port of Ibiza weekly

4 May, 2022

In mid-April, the Ibiza Port started to receive the cruise MSC Seaside, which will have weekly stops all along the summer season, with routes covering the eastern Mediterranean from the beginning until the end of October and taking passengers on a journey through the ports of Valencia, Marseille, Genoa, Civitavecchia, and Palermo.

“Ibiza is a strategic Mediterranean port, with the island being both a source of culture and stunning landscapes, which make of it one of the most enjoyed destinations by MCS Cruceros ships’ passengers. This, of course, will be hugely beneficial for the island, which will receive both national and international passengers every week, boosting the services sector in the area”, declared the General Manager for MSC Cruceros in Spain, Fernando Pacheco.

MSC Seaside is the first ship of its class, and one of the company’s flagships, designed to be enjoyed in warm weather. The ship has a capacity for more than 5,500 passengers and is 323 metres long, and features important technological and environmental advances, all designed to offer a unique experience on board, thus giving a response to the passengers’ needs and demands nowadays and in the next years.