25.02.2024 | 10:16

Boosting energy efficiency in sustainable tourist accommodation

11 May, 2022

The tourist communities of Andalusia, Catalonia and the Canary Islands are the main beneficiaries in Spain of the €170 million in funding to finance energy efficiency and circular economy projects in hotels, campsites, tourist accommodation and rural accommodation.

The subsidised initiatives must be aimed at improving the energy efficiency of thermal envelopes, the use of renewable energies in heating, cooling, air conditioning and domestic hot water systems, or the improvement of lighting installations.

The initiatives should achieve a 30 per cent reduction in primary non-renewable energy consumption compared to the baseline situation. The deadline for implementing the projects is 31 December 2024. By mid-2025, 3,400 such projects are expected to have been financed.

The funding comes from the Recovery Plan (220 million) and raises the question of whether additional resources could come from the national budget.