15.06.2024 | 16:46

Ryanair connects Madrid and Barcelona to the volcanic island of La Palma

11 May, 2022

The airline Ryanair began offering flights to and from the La Palma airport for the first time this April. Three routes will fly to the peninsula (Barcelona, Madrid and Santiago) throughout the summer of 2022, although their run is set to be extended until next year to ensure connectivity over the short term.

Speaking form La Palma, Eddie Wilson, CEO of Ryanair, said: "We are delighted to announce the start of our operations at La Palma airport", largely thanks to AENA's 2022 recovery plan for the island, which was recently impacted by a major volcanic eruption.

In total, the airline has launched 21 new routes in the Canary Islands to help improve the archipelago’s links with Europe, all of which will boost tourism, business and trade in the area.