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Palma will be a base for numerous cruise ships this summer

18 May, 2022

This summer, the city of Palma will become the main departure and arrival base port for cruises around the Mediterranean. According to the CLIA, APEAM and the shipping companies themselves, the programme from May to October foresees a significant increase in the number of cruises that will depart from and arrive at the port of Palma.

"The evolution of cruise tourism is something positive and Palma will exceed the traffic figures recorded in 2019, where cruise ships will be a very important part," said the director of TUI Spain and TUI Destination Services, Ian Livesey. He pointed out that from May to October "an increase in activity is expected and Palma will be the great beneficiary" of this activity.

Logically, this is due to the fact that cruise passengers stay in a hotel in the base city at the beginning or after the crossing, and has a consequent economic impact on all the productive sectors of Palma and Mallorca. Therefore, the 'cruise and stay' segment has a high added value in all productive sectors.

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