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520 trains from the Spanish company Renfe become cardiac protected areas

18 May, 2022

The Spanish train company Renfe is installing Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in its Ave (high-speed trains), Long and Medium Distance and Tourist trains, thus converting its fleet into cardiac protected areas. The main objective of this initiative is to "save lives", guaranteeing maximum safety in the event of a possible cardiorespiratory emergency, from which one of the millions of passengers who use rail transport in Spain could suffer.

To this end, a total of 668 defibrillators are being installed in succession, of which 570 are already at the start of the commissioning process. There will be one defibrillator per train and there will be a replacement device located in stations to replace equipment in the event of a health emergency.

The defibrillators are located in the most accessible areas of the trains, such as cafeterias, vending areas and areas for people with reduced mobility. Signs are also being placed on the outside of the carriages as well as inside them, at different points, to help locate them in case of need.

In order to facilitate its quick and safe use, it is necessary to follow the audio or visual instructions of the AED. In addition, this type of device is connected to the 112 emergency service and will automatically make a warning call through a pre-established protocol.