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Discover ring-tailed lemurs and squirrel monkeys in Spain

25 May, 2022

Spain’s climate gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities, including the fascinating possibility to discover varied species of exotic animals. While these animals don’t form part of the region’s indigenous fauna, they adapt well to local environmental conditions and tourists can visit them in a diverse range of zoos.

One such location is Sedativa, in Navarre, a zoo which has made considerable efforts to open a new 2,000 metre enclosure housing ring-tailed lemurs to the public. This species features alongside enclosures designed for squirrel monkeys, considered the loudest variety of monkey.

Other new attractions at park include three new interactive stories linked to the mythology and customs of Navarra in the Forest of Legends “Bosque de las Leyendas” and the shows performed by magician Daniel KA, which fill the circus tent with highly impressive magic delivered in dynamic, tasteful and varied performances. Additionally, visitors enjoy listening to the huge range of sounds made by the squirrel monkeys.