17.04.2024 | 10:29

Valencia aims to become a carbon-neutral destination as soon as possible

6 July, 2022

One of the biggest challenges for Valencia in recent times has been its commitment to converting the city into a carbon neutral destination in the shortest possible time. In order to do so, the authorities are developing a dedicated technological model that measures the carbon footprint of tourism in the city and then certifies it.

Valencia has carried out an exhaustive measurement of three areas: transport to the destination, which accounts for 80% of the carbon footprint, tourist activity in the city (restaurants, museums, etc.), which also includes data on cruise passengers and day-trippers, and finally aspects related to infrastructures and special events, such as the Fallas.

One of the city’s goals is to reduce its overall water footprint, and it has developed a sustainable digital label and control system for this purpose. Through an app, which has two pilots running in the Palacio de Congresos and the Oceanogràfic oceanarium, tests are currently being carried out to obtain the necessary indicators and determine how they’ll work.

Valencia will start to see the fruits of its labour within 3 years. “This is work that starts now but whose results we’ll see in the long term; the important thing is to start the processes and then follow their development”, explained Antonio Bernabé, Director of the Visit Valencia.