16.04.2024 | 22:19

Spain’s train stations are set to become sustainable mobility hubs

6 July, 2022

Spain’s railway stations are to be transformed into spaces for sustainable, intelligent, safe and supported mobility. The strategy involves transforming them into communication and social hubs, “giving them their own personality, taking into account their unique characteristics and location”, according to Adif.

The company has classified stations into five categories: Insignia (transport hubs with high commercial and cultural potential), Foro (stations suitable for business-focused services), Ágora (with a high cultural interest due to their location, architecture and environment), Urbana (located in metropolitan areas) and Lanzadera (located in strategic places but with little traffic).

A digital transformation will help turn the stations into sustainable and multimodal transport hubs, incorporating more and new transport systems into the stations, promoting electromobility and sustainable modes of transport for first and last mile transport, and redefining some businesses in line with the evolution of sustainable mobility (Ecomilla) and logistics.