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British tourists increase bookings to Spain by 5%

20 July, 2022

British tourism continues to represent the most important market travelling to Spain in 2022 and is showing excellent levels of recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, as part of which it has even shown slightly higher booking figures compared to 2019, with a 5% increase according to data provided by the Spanish Ministry for Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

As far as destinations preferred by tourists -not just those from the UK- the Balearic Islands take the lead and are set to experience a record summer according to data provided by ForwardKeys. Tickets issued for international flights to the islands have seen a 10% increase compared to 2019. This increase soars to 14% for Ibiza and 9% for Palma de Mallorca.

Meanwhile, the Community of Valencia and Andalusia are close to pre-pandemic levels, showing a 96% and 95% recovery in bookings respectively. In the case of Malaga, recovery has reached 98%, while Seville and Valencia have seen a 96% recovery compared with 2019.

Finally, the Community of Madrid and the Basque Country have shown recovery that comes close to the national average, with figures of 87% and 85% respectively.