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Wine Tourism makes a strong comeback in Spain after the pandemic

20 July, 2022

Wine Tourism is making a strong comeback in Spain after the COVID-19 pandemic. Although visitor figures to wineries and wine museums is still far from the hitting the more than three million visits registered before the health crisis, figures were doubled in 2021 compared to the previous year, with a 130.5% improvement in terms of economic impact, according to data provided by the Spanish Association for Wine Cities (Asociación Española de Ciudades del Vino-ACEVIN).

In actual figures, the number of visitors to wineries and wine museums associated with Spain’s Wine Routes was 1,640,800 last year, compared to 814,323 the year before, according to the latest edition of the Annual Report on Visits to Wineries and Wine Museums carried out by the Touristic Monitoring Unit for Spain’s Wine Routes.

The aforementioned visits created a revenue of 55 million euros, which would subsequently rise to around 160 million euros if other important in-destination spending like accommodating, catering, shopping and activities were taken into account. It is estimated that a third of average spend is destined to wineries, while the rest corresponds to other concepts.

ACEVIN expects to record better figures in 2022, considering not only the reactivation of the tourism sector, but also the fact that the club has taken on new members and now features 36 as opposed to the 33 reviewed in 2021.

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