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A Coruña will welcome more than 140 cruise ship stopovers in 2022

20 July, 2022

The port of A Coruña is set to beat its record for cruise ship stopovers in 2022, where it is set to welcome the arrival of more 140 ships, which is expected to translate into an economic impact of more than 15 million euros in the tourism, commerce and hospitality industries, on top of all the port-based services that play a role in servicing the ships and their passengers.

Among other ships, the port welcomed the MSC Virtuosa in June, one of the newest boats launched by MSC Cruises, a cutting-edge cruise line in terms of environmental technologies and which called at the port as part of its maiden voyage, representing a landmark for the growing presence of cruise ships stopovers in Galicia.

“We’re really happy that ships as innovative as the MSC Virtuosa call at ports like A Coruña, which gives visitors a chance to discover the region, while also providing us with the opportunity to return to our work with authorities, companies, travel agencies, providers and local entities that represent the region”, stated Fernando Pacheco, the managing director for MSC Cruises Spain.

The company has set out to accelerate their growth plan for the Spanish market during 2022, which is set to revolve around increasing the number of arrival and departure ports. This has involved launching Málaga, Alicante and Santa Cruz with extremely successful results, while A Coruña features in the next phase of their strategic plan.