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An innovative horizontal resort hotel for Salou

3 August, 2022

The preferences and desired experiences that travellers look for when planning a trip are constantly changing. The pandemic has been an essential factor in this, as it has brought about multiple changes that the tourist industry is trying to address. With this in mind, a hotel complex has just opened in Salou that brings together a huge range of new trends. It is a horizontal hotel-resort by the Alannia Resorts brand.

This new concept combines the best classic elements ​​of outdoor holidays –immersion in a natural environment and activities available all day – with the added bonus of the service and facilities of the highest level of a hotel complex. The finished product is Alannia Salou: an urban oasis full of vegetation with a surface area of ​​22,000 square metres, featuring 346 multi-purpose rooms that can accommodate more than 700 people.

This new resort also features a water leisure area of ​​more than 1,000 square metres, different restaurants where guests can try excellent cuisine, a Spa & Wellness area dedicated to relaxation, a gym to help them stay in shape on holiday and different areas geared up for children. The entire resort has been carefully planned to meet the evolving tastes of tourists.