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500 Extremadura companies to offer ‘gastroexperiences’ this summer

10 August, 2022

The Spanish region of Extremadura has launched its ‘Gastroexperiences Summer 2022’ initiative, in which 519 companies are participating, including restaurants, complementary offers and accommodation. A total of 70 experiences are on offer to savour the best of Extremadura’s cuisine alongside more than 170 activities related to food, cultural, active and nature tourism.

The initiative is structured around the concept of a “tourist route”, where the focus is on the gastronomic experience, complemented by activities in the surrounding area, such as hiking and 4x4 routes, visits to cheese dairies and wineries, workshops, bike rides, boat or balloon rides, and astro-tourism, among other activities.

“In Extremadura, tourists can enjoy the countryside, freshwater beaches, gastronomic temples and starry skies. They can also enjoy our historic sites, the Helga de Alvear Contemporary Art Gallery, the Roman theatre in Mérida, ‘The Ages of Man’ in Plasencia, and the many festivals throughout the region”, noted the General Director of Tourism, Francisco Martín Simón