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Barceló improves the customer experience with ‘hotelligence’

17 August, 2022

The Barceló Hotels Group is making significant progress in its digitalisation project, particularly in terms of improving customer experience. It’s made the move from geographically isolated contact centres to a centralised virtual hub to manage all guest communication.

Previously, the brand’s contact centre agents, working from different locations around the world, could only focus on customer queries within their own geographic areas. Now, all Barceló Hotel Group agents can attend to any customer at any time.

The new embedded technology provides agents with real-time access to key customer details, ensuring guests’ needs are anticipated and met. Individual agents can also access all their communication channels, tools and user data on a single screen, resulting in streamlined workflows and increased efficiency.

AI-powered features offer valuable real-time information to help agents extract customer insights from every interaction, leading to extraordinary guest experiences.

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