25.02.2024 | 08:28

'Golf therapy', a new premium experience in Almería

17 August, 2022

‘Golf therapy’ is a curious combination of golf and wellness, a trend started by a hotel in Almería (Andalusia), which presents it as a premium experience combining the benefits of playing golf with luxury accommodation and wellness, offering people suffering from stress a way to disconnect from daily pressures and recharge their energy in an idyllic setting.

After a day of sport on the course, the golf therapy experience culminates with self-care at the hotel’s Spa, the 5* AR Golf Almerimar. There, you can enjoy an exclusive massage, a thermal water circuit, facial and body care, as well as beauty and aesthetic treatments, all designed to establish a natural connection between body and mind and reduce the effects of anxiety and stress.

The combination of leisurely physical activity in a natural environment with relaxation and pampering in the spa & wellness area promises to be a powerful anti-stress treatment. Although it’s still too early to tell whether golf therapy will take off, it promises to at least be an attraction for guests looking for a different kind of stay, characterised by relaxation and tranquillity.