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Hotel prices soar in the Balearic Islands, Alicante and Barcelona

24 August, 2022

The average hotel prices in Spain's main coastal destinations have shot up by 42% this summer compared to other periods of high occupancy, due to high demand, according to a study by the consultancy firm Simon-Kutcher & Partners, which found the Balearic Islands, with a rise of 91%, Alicante (44%) and Barcelona (21%) as the locations with the highest increases.

In this first post-pandemic summer of recovery, occupancy and prices in coastal destinations are reaching annual highs, which reflects the pent-up demand of previous years, and in some places have even surpassed those of 2019, a record year for the sector in terms of revenue and occupancy.

So, the most affordable average prices in coastal destinations such as the Balearic Islands and Malaga are 220 and 235 euros respectively in August, while the cheapest coastal destinations include Costa Brava (114 euros), the Canary Islands (127 euros) and Alicante (165 euros).

In terms of hotel accommodation, the Balearic Islands leads the way for price increases, with a 109% rise in three-star hotels, and 88% and 89% in four- and five-star hotels, respectively. Alicante also saw significant increases in three- and four-star establishments, with price rises of 62% and 39%, respectively, while in Girona, five-star establishments saw a 49% increase.