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Spanish nightlife is still unsustainable

31 August, 2022

Nightlife venues on the Mediterranean coast are the least sustainable establishments in the Spanish hospitality industry, with an index of 6.1 out of 10, while hotels are the most sustainable with 7.8 points, according to a report by Ecovidrio on the regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

This is shown by the 'First Barometer on the sustainability of our coasts' prepared by this entity.
For this purpose, face-to-face surveys were carried out in almost 10,400 hotel and catering establishments in the regions with the "highest tourist concentration": Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Region of Valencia, the Region of Murcia and Andalusia.

Thus, these five regions scored a joint sustainability index of 6.8 points out of 10, with the Valencian Community in the lead (7.08 points out of 10), close behind Catalonia (7.06 points), while the Region of Murcia (6.9 points), the Balearic Islands (6.6 points) and Andalusia (6.3 points) all scored below 7 points.

In terms of the type of establishment, the hotel sector dominates the ranking with 7.8 points out of 10, followed by restaurants (7.1 points), cafés (6.6 points) and other leisure and entertainment venues (6.4 points), with nightlife coming in at the bottom with a ranking of 6.1 points.