05.03.2024 | 05:15

Spanish museums attract more visitors with digitalisation

7 September, 2022

Art and culture are adapting to an increasingly connected public, which makes it necessary to opt for hybrid museums that can attract a greater number of visitors. This is one of the main conclusions of the study Digitalisation in small and medium-sized museums, presented by the Multimedia Technologies and Digital Content Platform (eNEM), the secretariat of AMETIC.

The report, in which a sample of small and medium-sized Spanish museums from various Spanish autonomous communities participated, reflects the before and after effects of the pandemic on small and medium-sized museums. As reflected in this study, the impact of Covid-19 highlighted the importance of the implementation of technologies in Spanish museums, acting as an accelerator in the virtualisation of services and long-term digital strategies.

Thanks to this digitisation, museums are not only attracting new visitors, providing a better quality of service and, especially, a better experience for visitors, but also gaining the loyalty of former visitors. Likewise, the use of cutting-edge technologies allows for improved internal management and communication, enhancing the engagement of the workers themselves and facilitating the way to interact much more and in a more agile way with the public.

Proof of this is the use of social networks by small and medium-sized museums. According to this report, three quarters of those surveyed (74%) recognise that they have boosted communication with their visitors thanks to the implementation of social networks, and 63% allow the purchase of tickets virtually, thus improving the visitor experience.