29.02.2024 | 17:16

39 Spanish train stations now have a car rental service

7 September, 2022

A total of 39 Spanish train stations on the Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (Adif) network already have an office offering a car rental service, in this case, from the company Enterprise Holdings, after winning the public tender to provide this mobility service to passengers.

Of the total network, 10 offices have just joined. Three are new locations that have been set up for the first time in Antequera Alta Velocidad, Zamora and Camp de Tarragona, and the other seven are relocations of city offices that have been installed in train stations.

"This major investment, which means going from 29 to 39 offices in train stations throughout the country, will not only strengthen our network, but will also demonstrate our commitment to the Spanish market, to being close to our customers and our commitment to intermodality when it comes to transport in Spain," said Renzo Roncal, managing director of Enterprise Holdings in Spain.

"With this award we are continuing to invest in and commit to sustainability, contributing to the decarbonisation of passenger transport in Spain, by providing connections to train stations," said the spokesperson for the car rental company.