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Will British tourists still choose Spain despite the extreme heat?

14 September, 2022

During 2022, we have witnessed even more accelerated effects of climate change. This has led to most of Europe’s main summer destinations facing their highest temperatures on record, and Spain is no exception. Additionally, experts predict that many tourist favourites will soon become exceedingly hot during the summer months.

Bearing this in mind, rising temperatures are expected to affect the tourism industry, especially the sun, sea and sand segment, which are the most important months of the year for this particular tourist segment. Experts predict that this situation will cause a change in traveller’s trends.

"If anybody still thinks that rising heat is good news for traditional beach destinations, they should think twice. During this summer's heat wave in Europe, we saw a clear drop in visitor satisfaction levels during the hotter weeks", warned Carlos Cendra, Director of sales and marketing at the travel intelligence provider Mabrian. He went on to explain that the weather is one of the most important contextual factors for tourist destinations.

He illustrated this point further by mentioning that hundreds of Mediterranean holiday destinations, including Spain (as well as North Africa), have traditionally based their tourism industries on highly favourable weather conditions. However, “this is now changing faster than we think,” he added.