19.06.2024 | 03:59

Magic Costa Blanca to stop using 8 million disposable plastics

21 September, 2022

The Benidorm-based Magic Costa Blanca hotel group has signed up to the collaboration agreement between hotel employers’ association Hosbec and the company Ecoembes to improve the management of packaging waste generated in offices and accommodation.

This agreement will enable the selective collection of packaging waste from all of the chain’s hotels and resorts, as well as in its central offices. Recycling bins and yellow 1000-litre containers will be installed to enable the sustainable management of plastic, cans and brik-type containers.

Under the ‘Making a magic place’ philosophy, the chain increases its commitment to having a positive impact on society, following the latest sustainability criteria with measures including the recycling of all types of materials and their controlled removal, the control of energy efficiency, and the progressive withdrawal of single-use plastics in Magic accommodation.