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Salamanca, the leader in language tourism, best place to learn Spanish

30 September, 2022

Throughout the year, the city of Salamanca receives a significant influx of international students eager to learn Spanish, to the point that it is promoted as the “Ciudad del Español” or “City of Spanish”. Its attractiveness is characterised, along with the importance, tradition and prestige of its training centres, by its enormous wealth of heritage, history and culture, by its possibilities for leisure, sports and the enjoyment of nature and the landscape.

After two years compounded by the pandemic, the city is recovering the influx of Spanish students. The Town Hall, through the brand “Salamanca, Ciudad del Español”, once again reaffirms its support for the language tourism sector in the city. The support provided to the Spanish Schools will also be increased through the signed agreement to cover the expenses derived from the necessary technical and academic assessment.

One of the main signs of identity in Salamanca is the quality of the teaching of Spanish. The work of the city's Spanish Schools, accredited by the Cervantes Institute and the University of Salamanca and the Universidad Pontificia, is fundamental in maintaining the quality of the teaching of Spanish.