29.02.2024 | 16:28

Palma's horse-drawn carriages will be replaced by electric ones

30 September, 2022

The Spanish Government has chosen the city of Palma as the site of a pilot programme aimed at replacing animal-drawn carts (carriages) with more modern electric-powered ones. In this way, this service for tourists will be modernised and will also clearly support animal welfare.

In fact, the authorities have already included the item for the acquisition of the new vehicles in the 2023 General State Budgets and the Balearic capital will receive most of the 10 electric carriages which will be purchased. It is estimated that they will arrive in Palma in the first quarter of next year.

These electric carriages will be handed over to the city councils which want to eliminate the animal-drawn “carriages” and Palma is, at the moment, the only town hall in Spain which has approved a motion which promotes the replacement of horse-drawn carriages, an agreement which was adopted in the plenary in July.