29.02.2024 | 17:06

A new platform integrates train and urban transport in Spain

30 September, 2022

In early September, “dōcō” was presented, the new comprehensive mobility platform which makes Renfe the first public company to manage door-to-door mobility services: dōcō connects urban and interurban public transport and private services on a single platform and shared transportation.

What’s more, it allows you to plan, book and enjoy all the services it offers through a single payment. Travellers who wish to move around wherever and however they want using dōcō will be able to do so through this app. They will simply need to register and enter their preferences when travelling around.

When booking any trip, dōcō will offer the best routes and combination of transport means to reach the destination, allowing you to choose between the fastest, the cheapest or the most sustainable. Additionally, you will be able to make payment and/or transport reservations and receive information about the trip, all in one place.