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British tourists rate Spain 8.62 out of 10

5 October, 2022

British tourists who have visited Spain this summer have rated this destination very positively, giving a score of 8.62, slightly above the average of 8.56. This is indicated by the results of the analysis carried out by Vivencial Value based on a total of 309,000 new reviews made on more than 2,000 tourist resources.

Specifically, the data comes from the “Monitor of the tourist experience in resources and destinations in Spain”, prepared by this technology company, and is based on the opinions expressed by travellers on the main online platforms, which have given ratings from 0 to 10.

It is worth pointing out that cultural resources are those which generated a greater volume of opinions, with more than 128,000 new online reviews for a sample of almost 300 resources. “Spain’s entire cultural heritage obtains a very high score in online reputation, with an iRON [Online Reputation Index] of 9.12 points", an indication from the company which authored the study.

On the other hand, the parks and natural areas have 30% fewer reviews in August 2022 compared to the previous summer, “although maintaining their excellent satisfaction index, which reaches 9.29 in the summer season of 2022”, with adjectives “repeatedly mentioned by visitors” such as “spectacular”, “beautiful”, “lovely”, “impressive” or “recommended”.