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In London, Turespaña shows the sustainability plan of the Balearic islands

12 October, 2022

The Spanish Tourism Office of Turespaña in London has organised a breakfast on sustainable tourism at the Royal Academy of Arts headquarters presenting the paper “Moving towards a regenerative tourism: The case of the Balearic Islands”, focused on addressing a new approach to sustainable tourism and, linked to this, the new windows of opportunity which are opening up for regions which, like the islands, make tourism their main asset for development.

The exhibition was given by the technical director of the Impulsa Baleares entity, Antoni Riera, who spoke in front of a large representation of tour operators and representatives of various British economic sectors. The application of this new approach to tourism sustainability forces us to review the perspective from which tourism management is approached regionally, as well as what is meant by “tourism success”.

Riera highlighted that “sustainability linked to tourism is a key lever for tourism competitiveness, whose activation must be understood as a dynamic process of change and not as a new market niche alternative to mass tourism or a static goal to be achieved through certain rules for the use of resources”, according to what he has said.

And it is that, “if we talk about regional development, we have to abandon once and for all the conventional and reductionist perspective, focused on a vision purely of the tourism market and measurement of volumes (or records of influx), to move towards a holistic vision of the tourism system and continuous surveillance of the economic, social, environmental value... which the regions are capable of creating from the exciting phenomenon of tourism”, he specified.