13.07.2024 | 08:40

Barcelona-Sants station will be a mobility benchmark

12 October, 2022

The Spanish Government plans to invest close to 410 million euros in the project to expand and improve the Barcelona-Sants station and its surroundings, in order to make it “a benchmark for future mobility”. The project will be carried out in two phases and is scheduled to be completed before 2030.

The Barcelona-Sants station receives around 46 million passengers a year and, due to the increase in supply and daily mobility, the figure is expected to reach 58 million by 2030. Three brands of two operators are currently operating: AVE, AVLO and Ouigo, and Iryo will enter on 25 November.

This extension responds to the de-regulation of rail transport and seeks to convert the station into a sustainable multimodal transport node integrated into the new city model, which is committed to active mobility and places pedestrians at the centre.