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It’s not the beach, hotels or culture - what the British value most is…

19 October, 2022

68% of Britons who visited Spain during the summer of 2022 were “very satisfied” with their trip. And, out of the different aspects which have contributed to their satisfaction, one has stood out: its range of leisure activities, according to the second wave of the 2022 Visitor Satisfaction Survey which collates opinions relating to July and August.

According to data released by the Ministry of Tourism and Turespaña, 96% of international tourists were satisfied and more than half (55%) intend to return in the next 12 months. After leisure, the greatest satisfaction was generated by infrastructures such as airports, motorways and seafront promenades and transportation at the destination, with 92%.

The characteristics of the destinations they visit, which include safety, cleanliness, green areas, landscape or access for people with disabilities, satisfied 92% of those surveyed, a percentage similar to that achieved by the range of restaurants.

In turn, nine out of ten tourists were convinced by their accommodation while three out of four agreed on the visited destination’s commitment to sustainability.