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Mallorca prioritises being a sustainable and circular destination

19 October, 2022

The authorities of Mallorca have approved an investment in improving tourist infrastructure, deseasonalisation and circular economy amounting to 21 million euros, which will be allocated to projects proposed by the municipalities and will improve the island as a tourist destination.

Projects which “work on sustainability and circularity to promote the change of the destination towards more quality" will be prioritised", explained the president of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera. To give an idea of the type of initiatives that will be undertaken, these can range from the reform of the pavement of the town centre to the reform of any infrastructure of interest to improve the tourist experience of the destination.

Thus, the aid covers projects which help improve the physiognomy of tourist areas “and which at the same time are circular”, so that, for example, they do not generate a greater impact on the water cycle.