05.03.2024 | 05:47

Farewell to sanitary controls in Spanish airports 

9 November, 2022

Once the acute phase of the pandemic had passed, Spanish authorities agreed to update checking and vigilance measures over the entire national territory so that all sanitary checks imposed to enter Spain have been eliminated. The measure decreed by the Ministry of Health has been in force since 21 October.

The resolution states “In order to promote the normalisation of international mobility, with the least possible impact on public health, it is considered convenient to revoke the health control measures for people from countries outside the European Union or with the consideration of associated Schengen countries”.

Currently sanitary controls, which were set up to contain the spread of the virus, were limited to people from non-EU countries and with the consideration of Schengen associated countries. In late September tests had already been suppressed and checks relaxed.

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