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A tour around Zaragoza to discover the painter Goya

9 November, 2022

Zaragoza has launched a new project in the form of a guide aimed at promoting the most universal figure the city has had, the painter Francisco de Goya, as well as the richness of the streets and houses in which he lived during his stay in the city, from the Zaragoza of the Enlightenment to that of the Sieges of 1808 and 1809.

What the guide proposes is a tour of Goya’s life in Zaragoza during the first 29 years of his life, distinguishing the homes grouped depending on the artist’s age (childhood, youth and maturity). So, it begins in the family home of the illustrious painter’s father, located in the Morería neighbourhood, until it ends in Plaza del Pilar, next to the cenotaph that marked his burial in the Bordeaux cemetery.

The new guide is available on the Zaragoza Turismo website and while reading it, readers, visitors and tourists will be able to freely discover the urban areas where the universal painter lived, as well as discovering the churches he painted and the only house still standing, in Plaza San Miguel. Amongst other things, it also includes buildings and museums where we find Goya’s paintings as well as important characters in Goya’s Zaragoza.