26.02.2024 | 08:25

The Canaries: a benchmark in silver tourism?

16 November, 2022

The Government of the Canary Islands has proposed to attract silver tourism and has already launched a striking campaign. The authorities of the islands are aware that in Europe, over 50-year-olds hold up to 70% of the assets and control more than half of the total spending on mass consumption, according to data from P&G, an American multinational of consumer goods.

In this sense, the advisor, Yaiza Castilla, considers “it is evident that we are facing an unmissable opportunity to attract a source of wealth, employment and additional prosperity for our land”, referring to the importance of the “silver” economy. In 2019, the Islands received some 131,000 tourists from this age group, who in just two years went from spending an average of 2,866 euros per stay at the destination to 3,149 euros.

It should be remembered that the profile of silver tourism corresponds to people over 55 years of age and with purchasing power, who prefer long stays, good weather, tranquillity and safety at the destination. All features which can be found in the Canary archipelago. Added to these characteristics is the fact that the high energy cost forecast for many European countries for this winter will favour silver travel.