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Cádiz will break its record for cruise stopovers in 2023

16 November, 2022

The Port of the Bay of Cádiz expects to receive 330 cruise stopovers during 2023, a new historical figure in this type of traffic, since the current result was 323 stopovers in 2018. And naturally that record could not be recorded again nor overtaken due to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

It should be noted that in this forecast the stops of the “mini luxury cruise” Belle de Cadix, which has been making about 40 stopovers a year, are not counted. Spring and autumn will continue to be the months with the highest cruise activity in the port in 2023, although a rise in the summer months is also considered.

Cadiz will also be a partial port of embarkation for one of the MSC cruise ships. According to the latest study carried out by the Junta de Andalucía on cruise tourism in the region, the average cost per cruise passenger and day in port of call is set at 40.6 euros and can reach up to 200 euros in the case of base port.