26.02.2024 | 07:34

Madrid promoted in the UK as 'tax free' destination

23 November, 2022

The Madrid City Council has launched a major promotional campaign in the UK focused on shopping tourism, with the claim “Madrid, where tax free shopping is just another exciting thing” and the objective of placing the Spanish capital as the European benchmark destination in this segment.

Until the end of November, the image of the Puerta de Alcalá is very present on the London Underground, in more than 155 places in some of the main and busiest underground stations, such as Piccadilly Circus Westminster, Oxford Circus or Leicester Square. And also on digital media from various train stations in the city, among other iconic places.

Britain is one of the top five outbound markets for international tourism to Madrid -the third in September- and, as a result of Brexit, it benefits from the advantage of tax-free sales for non-EU citizens, which is an added motivation to visitors.