29.02.2024 | 16:55

Modernised Spanish ski resorts

30 November, 2022

Spanish ski resorts have invested 67.4 million euros this year to modernise their facilities and adapt them to the new times for the 2022-2023 season. Last winter they achieved a record turnover of 160.1 million euros, four times more than a year earlier, according to the Tourist Association of Ski and Mountain Resorts (Atudem).

The investments for the new season, which is already beginning in some resorts (in the Aramón Group or Sierra Nevada, on 25th November and in Baqueira Beret the following day) represent a historic figure, which far exceeds the contributions made in previous seasons (56% compared to last year, which was 43 million euros).

The resorts which have invested the most are Sierra Nevada, with 25.6 million euros and Baqueira, with 17.7 million. The ski lifts have taken up the largest amount: 41.28 million euros, with an increase of more than 18 million in this chapter compared to the previous season. Works to condition slopes have had 13.6 million.

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