13.07.2024 | 09:09

Rioja Alavesa improves as a wine tourism destination

21 December, 2022

Rioja Alavesa has proposed to optimise its wine tourism offer, and for this it has held a forum in which the different wineries have participated to determine the objectives, among which they have included developing an offer full of exclusivity, relying on the zero kilometre and focusing on human contact in tourist care, which is the most demanded by visitors.

On the other hand, this well-known wine region of Álava plans to work to regenerate its territory in a natural and perceptible way, because the producers consider that the regenerated environments will generate a differentiated value in this destination which travellers who visit it to discover its fine wines will perceive quite clearly.

Finally, Rioja Alavesa has become aware of the need to follow the path of sustainability and, in this sense, it has proposed efficient management of all its resources so that they last over time without losing quality. The wineries consider that due to the importance of the product and landscape in wine tourism, the environmental issue is very important.